Keeping it real, with Personal Branding

You know the importance of branding, or maybe you don't. Either way, we can figure it out (no judgements around here). We've got a casual process to help bring out the most authentic you, and that's the important part (well consistency is too). Summed up...  it's me getting to know a bit about you, your goals and how to reflect that image in your marketing.

Couples Portraits

This lovely lady called me looking for a couples portrait photography session that was natural and I really wanted it to be about their love for each other. After discussing her vision, I knew exactly what she wanted. She had come to the right photographer... our styles complimented each other, and the product of this shoot was everything we could have asked for. 

My client requested all images black and white. Here is a selection of the images we captured in my Kelowna, BC studio. 

Images like these are priceless, I encourage everyone to think about doing a session like this at any age.

Family Lifestyle Photography Sessions

Family Lifestyle Photography Sessions

I have recently added family photography sessions to my services. But I wanted to shoot a family photo session with meaning and life behind it, so I chose to shoot family portrait session while capturing your lifestyle. I have discovered a new love for photographing families and I'm so happy with the results! 

Custom Designed Photoshoots

My early background in photography is editorial and magazines, I come from planning photo shoots from start to finished images. I love it, the girls I work with love it and you should have that opportunity (or many) to love it too... experienced or not! 

That is why I want to make sure your experience is just as awesome as the images you take home. From the time you call you will receive a Portrait Guide book that will lead you through the process of pre-shoot planning and give you some ideas to think about for our consultation... 

We strongly encourage the consultation, which we can do in person, over the phone, Skype or FaceTime. We want to get the details on your dream shoot. We understand everyone is different and do not fear, we love imagination and will work with you to create. If you are looking for a little guidance, we get it, we will give you suggestions. Our consultation is always complimentary, and you will know for sure we're the right photographer fit for you. 

We will then outline a plan for your custom photoshoot session.We plan about 3-7 looks per session, depending on what we determine in your consultation.  I encourage you to have at least one look for each: 1) classics (the ones you will show the family the heirlooms), 2) something personal, and  3) something YOU want to do. 

From elegant to edgy, can you have the best of both worlds? Of course you can! Thats is why we custom design each photoshoot for you! Now what are you waiting for? Lets start dreaming...

Fear of having your photo taken?

If anyone suffers from photo awkwardness, it's me. Stiff body position, wild hair taking over, unintentional squinty eye and the dreaded vein bulge in my forehead while smiling too hard.... I'll spare the image on this post.

BUT... there is a lovely photograph to be taken of everyone... and you should have one! I study, I recognize and guide you to looking exceptional in natural body language and expression. I'm not the photographer that just keeps snapping photos, I will adjust you to your most flattering. Everyone is different in what works for them, and it's my job to figure it out. 

Helping you to look your best and make you feel comfortable is my promise in my studio. I expect you to come in feeling a bit awkward, but by the end of our session you will be nailing it! Plus, getting over the fear feels quite liberating.

The term #existinphotos was coined by photographer I admire, I believe a portrait is one of the most important and overlooked images we acquire in our lifetime. Please, exist in photos.


Our keepsake folio box which comes with 6 or more images, mounted and matted. 

Our keepsake folio box which comes with 6 or more images, mounted and matted.